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She Makes is an exclusive Cricut & Crafting membership for makers to come together and create projects that grab the heart! Projects that inspire and tell your real story and leave a lasting legacy no matter what season of life you’re in!  Megan Elizabeth desires to help you learn fun techniques and skills with your Cricut Machines as well as other fun tips, ideas and inspiration all that encourage you to make what matters!  This Club will also share deep personal stories of real life – Family, trials, love, hope and strength too – so don’t miss a single moment with us!

Megan Elizabeth has a primary focus in Cricut crafting and wanted to take what was part of the original AboveRubiesStudio and bring you something truly intimate, meaningful and incredibly special to the craft world.

This is a members only community where you will be a part of exclusive monthly workshops, create incredible projects, get intimate heartfelt encouragement from Megan and even win some amazing prizes just for being here with us!

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